Inspiration and Resources

How God Makes Beauty From Barrenness, by Colleen Carroll Campbell (Christianity Today's Her.meneutics blog)

Open Hands, Empty or Full, by Sarah Babbs (Ignitum Today)

Waiting for Gabriel: Learning to Pray Through Infertility, by Timothy O'Malley (University of Notre Dame's Oblation blog)

Wait, Do You Only Have Two Kids? by Lisa Cotter (FOCUS blog)

Infertility and Abortion: Proof the World Isn't Fair, by Kristen Walker Hatten (Live Action): a personal reflection on how incredibly sad it is that so many women choose abortion for their babies while so many other women long with all their heart to have a baby

Finding Fruitfulness in Infertility by Terri Vyner (Denver Catholic Register - no longer online)
"Sometimes in the Christian life, God asks us to relinquish a gift in order to purify us. We immediately consider Mary giving back to God the son she had borne. Through Mary’s repeated yes to God (at the Annunciation, Presentation and the foot of the Cross), she learns that the gift of her motherhood can only be hers when it is given back to the Father."

God's covenant fulfilled in Mary's Fiat by Archbishop Charles Chaput (Denver Catholic Register - no longer online) 
"The suffering of infertile couples is particularly poignant. But such sufferings are not in vain. As I've said in the past, suffering can bend and break us. But it can also break us open to become the persons God intended us to be. It depends on what we do with the pain. If we offer it back to God, he will use it to do great things in us and through us, because suffering is fertile. Yes, suffering is fertile. These are not empty words of consolation for infertile couples. These words as 'spirit and life' (John 6:63). If we enter into the suffering of the cross it always bears new life in the resurrection."

Infertility and Spiritual Surrender by Miriam Fightlin Brower (Ignitum Today - no longer online)
"I thought I had a strong faith, but I was wrong. Sure, I’ve trusted in God, but it wasn’t until this latest suffering that I started to realize and internalize what it means to surrender to God. It is one thing for me to trust Him with concerns about a job, a salary, a move, or a health issue. But, it is quite another to surrender my deepest desires, to feel as though I am surrendering my very self. In my mind I had more power and control over this struggle to conceive if I held on to it–tightly. The thought of surrendering this desire to God as I have done with other struggles in my life was, in a word, terrifying. So many devout and holy people I know speak about the freedom and peace that comes when you place your trust in God, but for so long all I felt was fear."

My Infertility Resume by Stephanie Schweitzer (Blessed to Be Blog)
If you want some humor and insight into infertility, then check out this post.

Burst by Kevin Wells
Great personal memoir about infertility, among other things, and how to suffer through it. Excellent and beautiful witness. It is a definite page turner.

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