Saturday, August 24, 2013

What I've been up to

A few updates, in no particular order.

  • Mr. M was diagnosed with a concussion from his car accident. We found this out from a neurology doctor this past Monday, although we had suspected it before that due to his continuing headaches and a few dizzy spells. The neurology doc prescribed steroids, to help with the inflammation in his head and neck. He can also keep taking pain killers. This has become a longer trial than we initially anticipated, and it's been tough on both of us. Of course tough on Mr. M, dealing with headaches, dizzy spells, and now side effects from the steroids (insomnia is the main one); tough on me to see him in pain. (And honestly, I'm learning a lot about how much I need to grow in selflessness and compassion! In putting Mr. M first, putting his needs first.)
  • In other medical news, Mr. M is also doing 9 hours of physical therapy for his neck. And he went to the ER on Wednesday because of sharp head pain. That was scary...I left work to meet him there (he got a ride with a friend). Head pain freaks me out. You never know what's going to happen, and we're talking about your brain! Thankfully, the doctor said he definitely does not have brain bleeding or something really serious - the pain he had was just par for the course after a concussion, and the steroids should help. 
  • CD1 has come and gone. (On CD5 now.) No surprise at all there. For the record, it's hard to conceive in a cycle when your husband has a car accident on peak day! (in case anyone was wondering) And really, this cycle overall was a total bust. It was my first cycle with tamoxifen and the only change I saw was increasing my post-peak phase from 11 (last two cycles) to 13 (although I've had 13-day luteal phases before). I also flunked with CM - it was pitiful, except for the car accident day, ha! I did take B6 for the first time, but it wasn't consistent because I didn't get the right kind (sustained release) until day 10 or so. So this next cycle will be a "real" B6 cycle plus tamoxifen. And hopefully we won't have any life threatening incidents on peak day this time =)
  • In better news...I have a job opportunity that is very exciting. It's basically a step-up in my current office. I had an interview on Thursday and might hear back this week...that's all I can say for now.
  • In other good news...we found out - out of the blue - that Mr. M is going to get paid for a class he's teaching this fall. We weren't sure if he would because it's a class set up to give the PhD students teaching experience. (He's going to teach non-degree adults about the theology of the body.) But he will get paid! And a generous sum at that! Going into the adoption fund...!!
  • We've watched a bunch of movies this week when both of us have been too exhausted to do anything else in the evenings. I recommend: The Impossible (about the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami...hard to watch some scenes, but epic and inspiring), Life of Pi (helps if you read the book first, but still really good), Mega Mind (cartoon with Will Ferrell - pretty funny). I don't recommend that new Oz movie. The dialogue was laaaaame and the plot was really predictable.
  • I've also been doing some canning. Our garden is exploding with tomatoes! So far I've made salsa and dried cherry tomatoes, and today I'm going to can whole tomatoes. I also made peach jam and pesto. I need to share some pictures of these! =)
SUCH a beautiful day outside here! Thank you God, for a completely unstructured weekend! We have a priest friend visiting us (the priest who married us) but he's gone all day today for a baptism. Tomorrow he's going to say mass at our house (cool, huh?) and give me spiritual direction and other than that we have nowhere to go...bliss...

Have a great weekend, everyone!



  1. So frustrating when DH is unavailable on during a fertile time. I remember one month when my DH had hurt his back, and I said, "We can still try! Just laid back and don't move!" I think that's when I realized that I had gone around the twist. Only a crazy person would put TTC above her DH's health and well-being.

    I hope you're enjoying your beautiful weekend!

  2. I saw The Impossible, very tough to watch but very inspiring. And yes, share the pictures of your tomatoes :)

  3. Sorry about the concussion! Those are no good. But good news about the class!

  4. Saying more prayers for you and Mr. M. And YAY for more adoption money :) Hope you really get to enjoy this relaxed weekend!

  5. Sounds like a lovely weekend with your priest friend visiting! Hope your hubby continues to recover, that sounds like a rough and slow road.

  6. Continuing to pray for your DH!

    And yes- please post photos... And recipes!! ;)

  7. Oh my, definitely praying for healing for your husband!
    Side note--the B6 took 2 cycles for me to see any results (and then I was back to almost nothing last month on clomid). So it might take some time...