Thursday, October 10, 2013

Weirdest cycle ever

Well, so far anyway.

I'm on CD25 and I've had one - one! - day of mucus. And I was feeling generous in my scoring that day (10yx1). Whaaaaat is going on?

Usually my peak day is in the CD16/17 day range. A few months ago I had a day CD21 peak day. But it's never been stretched out this late. Or did I just skip over ovulation? So frustrating.

This is my third cycle using tamoxifen, by the way. Third and last!

When I shared these details with Mr. M, his immediate response was, "Maybe you're pregnant!"

Oh, my optimistic husband =)

While that would be nice, I think that would fall in the category of "verifiable miracle" because I don't see any signs on my chart that I've even ovulated, let alone, my body feels like it's in "pre-peak" mode, if you know what I mean. And I for sure had a real period at the beginning of this cycle. Nope, all signs point to "tamoxifen is doing freaky things to my body and I want it out of my system..." or "my body has decided to just give up and forgot to let my brain know."

Anyway, it's just frustrating.With my luck, peak day (if it shows at all) is going to show up this weekend, when we're visiting friends and sleeping on an air mattress in their living room...not a good place to get I's on the chart! Ack.



  1. It could be the drugs or a particularly stressful situation that is lengthening your cycle. Just to let you know I had a client who got pregnant with 1 day of peak type mucus and she was 40. All signs pointed to her probably having trouble conceiving but God can do miracles! I am not trying to give you false hope or anything, just let you know it ain't over until AF sings :)

    1. You sound like my husband, Kat =) Which I mean as a compliment!!! My natural tendency is to doubt, his is to hope...never say never, I guess!

  2. I have no helpful advice. Just hoping this is a delayed peak and things work out like normal soon!

  3. It is so frustrating that the drugs that are supposed to help us ovulate end up doing very bad things to our CM. I'll throw my hat in with Mr. M and Kat and say I'm hoping right along with them! Sending prayers your way.

  4. Definitely frustrating. :P I'm having a similarly weird cycle--just two days of decent mucus, and one of them really wasn't that good. :(

  5. Thank goodness for our hopeful hubbies! :) Still it is soooooooooooo frustrating to have such a long cycle, delayed/confusing peak day!!! Hope you get some clarity soon, instead of being in limbo.