Monday, January 19, 2015

Better Late than Never: New Year's Resolutions

Well, it is that time again. A new year - 2015! Both Ecce and I are feeling pretty excited about this year because we are hoping to accomplish a few, major goals this year. What you may ask are those goals? Well, thanks for asking! I'll tell you as they mostly revolve around infertility, but the last goal is the most important for this year.

1.) When the going gets tough with infertility, the tough get going. But to where shall these proverbial tough people go? To the Lord! So our first goal is to increase the faith in our lives in order to cope with the suffering. We hope to do this by making prayer a priority by maintaining a consistent prayer life. We pray together and as individuals frequently. We just have to get the consistency down.

2.) Well, we are really original with our next one here - I want to lose weight and Ecce wants to get her body "toned" (because she is already at a beautifully, good weight). How often do you hear that one? Well, I am going to try and I figure I can do it! After all, I have been disciplined in other areas of my life. Why not with food? Why is food so hard? Perhaps the lack of motivation? Well, I am doing it this year for my fertility and for goal number three.

3.) Begin the adoption process! It seems like the stars are starting to align for adoption and some time this year we will begin the process. We have a tentative date in mind, but we aren't telling yet. Shhh! It's a secret. We will share more with you on this one as the months progress.

And oh you may ask what weight loss has to do with adoption? Good question. Well I want to be in shape whenever the little one that God has planned for us arrives. I mean I think to myself, "I have to live 18 years, at least, for this little one. I better get into shape or I'm not going to make it!" Yeah strange, I know. I am already hoping to stick around for awhile with Ecce! But for some reason when I think of a little one, it gets my butt in gear. So I'm calling my plan to lose weight this year: The Adoption Diet. Any ideas for a funny tagline that is motivational? I couldn't think of any.

What are your resolutions for the New Year? Anything to do with infertility? It's really okay if they are the following: "Drink more yummy, spiked Egg Nog," "Watch more sad movies so I can blame them for why I am crying rather than the infertility itself," "Enter contest for who can drink the most spiked Egg Nog," invest in a punching bag so I can punch my way out of the frustration of infertility, or did I mention drink more spiked Egg Nog? All crossed my mind this year. Mmm...spiked Egg Nog Martini with Egg Nog cake and Egg Nog cookies and Egg Nog pancakes. I sure hope that is part of the new diet, cheers :-)


  1. I like your goals for 2015. I posted mine here: But most revolve around prayer and time management. :)

  2. Love the goals!!!! Excited for adoption news. Praying together consistently is something we need to work on too.