Thursday, March 21, 2013

blood draw series, check

Today was my last blood draw, bringing the total to 7 (8 if you count the testosterone blood draw). I'm happy to say that my arms aren't too sore. Only once did my arm really ache the rest of the day - I think the nurse did something wrong. I'm glad it's over, though. Thankfully I found a lab that's closer than my doctor's office (an hour plus drive) but it still was a bit of a hike on the metro. I got some good exercise walking though!

An interesting thing about my lab location is that it's in the same building as a major fertility clinic that does LOTS of IVF. The kind that advertises on the radio, "A baby is born every 5 minutes at ..." I imagine the women who go there get their blood drawn at the same lab I did. And actually, the first day I went, the nurse noticed that my arms already looked bruised (I had had two draws at my doctor's office earlier) and she asked me, "Are you getting infertility testing?" Totally inappropriate question. But I said yes, and she asked me where I went. I told her, and she asked why I didn't go to the big fertility clinic literally on the same floor. I told her I didn't want to feel pressured to do IVF, and that my doctor was concerned at getting to the root causes of infertility. She seemed really interested, and said she would tell a friend about that who had had a bad experience at the big fertility clinic. I said a prayer for her friend. And at every blood draw, I stood for a moment outside the fertility clinic's doors and said a prayer for all the women and men who go to the clinic, and for all the nurses and doctors that work there. I wish that I could do more to comfort them and show them another way.

So now I'll wait for my results, and hopefully get an appt with my doctor scheduled soon after Easter. And then we'll see! Jesus, I trust in you.



  1. Yay for your blood draw being done! I remember my sore arms and bruises and was thankful when it was done. I just thought that you praying outside of that clinic is like praying outside of an abortion clinic. That clinic is still an attack on the dignity of the unborn. Good job of thinking to pray for them, I probably would have just gotten mad ;)

  2. Congrats on finishing the hormone profile! I'm sure your arms will appreciate a break from the constant pokes. :) I hope the results give you some good information.