Saturday, September 27, 2014

That's not my life

Okay, quirky thoughts for a Saturday morning =)

Did you ever read those little kids' books in the series "That's not my ____!" For example, one is "That's not my doggy!" and the jist of the book is that every page has a different doggy and says something like "That's not my doggy! He's too shiny." or "That's not my doggy! He's too fluffy" or whatever. Then the final page says, with a tone of relief I think, "that's my doggy! He's black and white" or whatever the real dog looks like.

That's not my penguin...
penguin example

Well, I've found myself saying recently when I'm tempted to jealously by seeing a woman my age with several kids, or hearing from friends who are stay at home moms and have time to do canning, or happening upon a blog of someone with stairstep children, or whatever: "That's not my life." And then I can remind myself of the life that is mine, how I have a great husband and a job I enjoy and a lovely little home, etc. It doesn't mean I still don't feel a pang of jealousy and longing, but using that line at least makes me chuckle a little.

Plus, it's true! That's not my life, as much as I wish it was. On the other hand, my life is also not one of deprivation or war or displacement or other horrible things; it reminds me to pray for those who are experiencing those sufferings and would give anything to have a simple, peaceful, safe life.

Also, something I find both comforting and challenging is that when I get to heaven, God is not going to ask me to account for either someone else's life (that I wished was mine) or a fantasy life that I lived in my head, but rather my actual life: how well did I love Mr. M? How well did I love my parents? How well did I love the children he did place in my life, nieces and nephews and friends' kids? If I died today, I wouldn't be asked to account how good a mother I was, since I'm not one. That's not my life.

Anyway, it's been a quick, helpful reminder to not compare, a way to handle jealousy, and to get back to the business of living my actual life right here at my fingertips.



  1. I love this post because of how the focus to turns to 'what is my life' and not the wishes for what I have for my life (some big, some smaller). I am working on the focus for every day right now .... if I look to the future of 'can I do this job for the next 10-15 years' it is too overwhelming .... but if it is 'Lord, walk with me through this day, I need you every moment.' then I can get through the day. Today, this is my day. This is my life. Not that it's wrong to have dreams, but if too much energy goes into them, I lose 'the moment' that is for me right now!

  2. This might just be the antidote to what I just wrote on my page yesterday. Thanks for the thought provoking post! :)

  3. Not familiar with those books, but a great analogy and sooooooo pertinent. Ive been thinking this weekend how i need to be more purposeful and diligent in fulfilling my vocation as a wife. Thank u for the reminder: "If I died today, I wouldn't be asked to account how good a mother I was, since I'm not one." But i am a wife and need to work on that.

  4. I love this! I would often think along similar lines, especially when I hit my lows. I would think, if I wasn't living this life right now, I wouldn't have my sweet husband, my job, my friends, our adventures, etc. It was a great reminder that while I didn't have what I wanted, I still had a lot of joy. I also love that thinking "that's not my life" helps you to pray for those who are experiencing other sufferings. So beautiful, ecce.

  5. I needed to hear this tonight, thanks to you (and Mr. M!) for your beautiful words!! :) God bless you both, praying for you!