Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Random thoughts on a Tuesday

1. In Kevin Wells' book "Burst," he writes that if you ever receive bad news re: your fertility, DO NOT go the beach immediately afterwards! After this weekend, I would add "or the zoo!!" We went to the zoo on Saturday because my parents had organized a trip with about 20 family members to come down for the day. It was great to see everyone, but sheesh! You'd think that the zoo had a policy that only persons with a) a baby bump, b) a stroller, c) a doting grandparent, or d) all three could come in! I'm glad I was at a hormonally stable day (i.e. not near CD1) because that would have been a lot to handle. As it was, I enjoyed my family members and I do like looking at the animals, especially the monkeys. And I told Mr. M, if God blesses us with a child, we are bringing them to the zoo!!!! =)

2. How horrible is the Boston bombing?!? I got a text from my brother yesterday afternoon saying, "me and SIL are fine. We weren't near the finish line" and I had no idea what he was talking about. Turns out they were volunteering in the marathon!! They were around mile 9, so nowhere near the bombs - but wow, they were both shaken up. As was I and my parents. And living in a major metro center myself, it's scary. And so sad that people can't go to a race without worrying about their lives!

3. I'm so touched by how encouraging my friends have been about the mass I'm helping to plan on the 28th - fertile friends and those who have struggled. Several of my girlfriends are making goodies to eat at the talk before the mass. I've given a lot of thought to how to stay close with friends who are having babies when you want to and can't...I don't have a lot of solid answers on the topic, but their support for something like this mass makes me feel so loved, and reminds me how much they care about what Mr. M and I are going through - and that helps me feel more comfortable around them, even though my heart still aches to see their beautiful children and want to provide another playmate...


  1. I love the zoo - but yes, it can be a tough place to go. The elephants are by far my favorite. We go to the Pittsburgh zoo at least once a year and The Man often asks "should I just come back and get you later?" after at least 30 minutes watching elephants ;).

    So glad your brother and SIL are safe! Scary stuff.

    I'm so glad your friends are being so supportive. The best way I've found to stay close with my mommy friends is to find things to do that we can do without kids, and even if that means kid talk (or going in kid stores), it's not nearly as hard as being around all the kids. While it's not an "always," it does help. I'm thinking specifically of my one friend I run with, and we usually go out for drinks or dinner at least once a month. Her DH knows that adult time is good for her and she knows I need to not always be around the kids, so it works out very well as he's willing to take on bed-time duties and The Man will be our taxi if we plan on having drinks. Supportive husbands make it easier!

    1. Ha ha about the elephants =) They are fun to watch, I agree!

      That's a great point about the kidless outings. Another thing I appreciate is that even when kids are around, they don't become the (or the only) focus of attention. Maybe that's a lot to ask from parents, but after all, since we were friends before their kids were born, we still have things to talk about that don't all involve their kids! Most of my friends are really thoughtful about that, although I do wonder if they change their behavior when they're with me vs. another mom (I don't mind, just curious).

    2. I'm sure they do change their behavior - just as we IFers talk differently with one another than we do with a fertile friend :). (I'm actually leaving that comment because it was a huge Ah-ha! for me as I read yours...I'd never thought about it that way before.)