Tuesday, September 17, 2013

cycle recap and next steps

Cycle day 1 again. Bummer.

This isn't really a "cycle review" because I didn't get any professional advice on this cycle. Just a reflection on the past cycle.

This was my second attempted and failed cycle using Tamoxifen. I really have no clue what the point is in taking it. That's been my problem from the beginning - there's no clear symptom or condition that Tamoxifen is addressing. It's just trying something to see if it will work. So far it hasn't. My luteal phases are fine - 12/13 days, the same as always.

But it's seriously messed up my CM, which was pathetic both this cycle and last. And that, in turn, messes me up psychologically. It's hard to convince myself that relations are worthwhile (on a night that we might not otherwise feel like it) when I don't see encouraging fertile signs, if that makes sense. So that's probably a factor too. Bleh.

Now, after not doing much of anything for awhile, all of a sudden there's a number of fertility-related stuff coming up:

  • I'm giving Tamoxifen one more month, just to say I tried it. 
  • I'm still using B6 but it's not doing anything. Maybe it just doesn't work for me, or maybe it's the Tamoxifen - don't know. I'm going to use up my 60-tab supply of 500 dosage and then cut back to 100 dosage. I'm hoping my CM will bounce back after the Tamoxifen is out of my system.
  • Next Wednesday I have a sonohysterogram scheduled. My excitement is minimal. Actually I'm not excited at all to have another uncomfortable, invasive procedure. But at least this one seems to be more rationally related to my situation. The goal is to see whether there are still polyps in my uterus, since I still have irregular mid-cycle bleeding. And I think this test can find any other uterine abnormalities that could be interfering with conception. Plus I can have it done at my doctor's office and not at some big downtown place right down the hall from the IVF clinic (where I had my HSG done way back when).
  • On October 1st, I'm meeting with a new doctor to get a second opinion. She has a relatively new practice in our area, is closer than my other doctor, and helped a friend of mine conceive after 6 years of trying. The friend said she's wonderful to work with, and I'm curious to see if she'd have any different suggestions for tests and treatments because I feel like things are running dry with my current doctor. (Much of that is my fault for dragging my feet on stuff she had recommended.) I figure one office visit can't hurt, and maybe we'll get some fresh ideas, or decide that she's easier to work with, or something.
And in non-medical related plans, I'm attending my first ever adoption information meeting tonight. Mr. M can't attend due to a scheduling conflict - boo. This agency is literally 5 minutes from our house. I have no idea what to expect, and no real expectations beyond getting a feel for who these people are and whether we want to talk with them one-on-one. At the least, it will be a nice distraction from the CD1 cramps and general yuckiness. Afterwards, I plan to come home and polish off the last beer in our fridge =)



  1. Boo CD1 :(. I'm so sorry and sending prayers your way.

    Regarding your CM, have you tried Muccinex? B6 did nothing for me (when I was on Femera), muccinex on the other hand, results within an hour of the first dose - I'd find myself at work thinking "all this wasted EWCM" (TMI? sorry! - hopefully it at least made you laugh :)).

    I'll be praying for you this evening - I hope the session is a positive experience.

    1. Yep, that made me laugh =) Okay - I'll keep that in mind. Thanks for the tip!

    2. I took 1 pill 2x per day on CD 11 through CD 17 (oh, and make sure it's regular muccinex (generic is fine) not the decongestant type - that would have the opposite effect :)).

  2. Sorry its CD1 :(
    I feel you on the psychological effects of low mucus... mine's was awful the first clomid cycle and this second cycle it was still pretty bad even with B6, amoxicillin, and mucinex. I get so stressed out because I feel like we have to have PERFECT timing or else it won't work since there's probably no mucus to keep the sperm healthy for more than a few hours...

  3. Sorry about cd1 and the meds. For us, the more we tried the medications the worse my cycle got... We finally had to raise our white flag to medications. During all the different treatments with NaPro I had a lot of gut feelings and got to know my body well. I wished I had listed to those gut feelings sooner. NaPro is great, but this whole TTC can get stressful and $$! I feel like at times I pushed forward with treatments when I did not have God's peace just because I wanted to be a mom so bad... I know it's a sin to make things idols and I know at times I did with TTC. I pray that God would forgive my distracted and my divided heart.

    I encourage you to keep listening to God's voice in all of this. God often speaks and directs in ways that don't always make sense at the time. I'm praying for a miracle!

  4. Hope your HSG test goes well and smoothly. FertileCM was wonderful to help with mucous for me.

    I will pray for your adoption meeting. Bummer that your DH can't come, I had to attend a few on my own too, it was A LOT of information. Hope you find it encouraging and not too overwhelming. Blessings!

  5. I'm sorry to hear about cd1! ugh. and i have no idea what tamoflaxin does. that would bother me too that there is no specific purpose for it....

    how did the adoption meeting go though?

  6. Don't worry about the lack of CM, I have seen couple conceive on dry cycles and clomid. I don't see why that couldn't work with other ovulation induction meds. Keep on trying!