Thursday, February 21, 2013

A snapshot of my Lenten offering

When my Lenten practice of "offering up" my desire for a child is hard:

  • When I hear pregnancy announcements (even though I'm happy for the person)
  • In February. If Mr. M and I had conceived during our (very romantic) 1st anniversary getaway, we'd be expecting that baby right about now. Knowing 4 couples due this month compounds it.
  • When my daily life seems tedious
  • When I daydream about how we would rearrange our apartment if we had a baby
  • When I tally up how many friends I know who are expecting
  • When I tally up how many people I know of who got married after us but who are pregnant before us
  • When I remember how long we've waited so far
When it's not as hard:
  • When I pray, "Jesus, I trust in you"
  • When I sincerely am grateful for the good things God has given me, especially my husband and our home together
  • When I'm with kind friends who don't make insensitive comments but just love me for me
  • When I offer up my desire for someone else - for Jellybelly, or someone who is overwhelmed, or someone who desires a husband, or the sick, etc. etc.
  • When I'm immersed in something I love: playing piano, planning my garden, watching a good movie, reading a good book
  • Right after receiving communion


  1. I really like the "snapshot." My prayers are with you, dear!

  2. I love the snapshot you shared of your Lent offerings! Praying for good news soon!