Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Prayers requested, prayers offered

If all goes well, it looks like we will finally check the SA test off the list tomorrow. We have the hotel booked for tonight, less than a mile from the hospital that is doing the test tomorrow morning. I will be so relieved when it's over, so if you could say a prayer that everything goes as well as it can, that we're not slammed with an exorbitant bill after the fact, and also especially that everything checks out okay and we can move on, that would be so appreciated! (Also, if the hotel has a swimming pool, that would be an extra bonus...!)

Hopefully it doesn't sound wierd to say that I'm "offering" all of the inconvenience, expense, annoyance, time, and akwardness of the SA as a prayer...but if that "counts" as a suffering to be offered, I'll be offering it for the blogger o' the month, JellyBelly! (I've never offered this particular experience before, to say the least...! And hopefully won't have to again.)

I'm also offering the disappointment I feel when people who got married after me get pregnant before me. I'm having a hard time with that lately. It's so very easy to feel like that's not fair, to feel jealous, and to feel left behind. So that's that.



  1. Praying for you! I hope all goes well and you get good results :).

  2. Prayers for a successful day tomorrow! I hope they have a pool for you, too :) And maybe even a hot tub? I will also pray for the disappointment you mentioned...I have felt that way too and it's really hard. Prayers to you!

  3. Sorry, I'm too late! I hope everything went well. I think anytime you feel discomfort, you can offer it up. The Lord knows your heart. Prayers for you!