Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday quick takes #3

1. Mr. M read this post (he reads all my posts, and often they start good conversations), which ended rather melodramatically: "Spring comes every year, right?" The next day, Mr. M sends me this picture: 

With this caption: "Spring is here in our apt. Just thought you would like a picture of it." Mmmmelt my heart =) That's our fig tree, by the way, which by the looks of it will have fully-ripe fruit before Easter!

2. Speaking of Mr. M, he requested for his birthday party, which is tomorrow, a chocolate mousse cake. The picture looked delicious, and it didn't sound that hard to make. Well, I don't know if I didn't beat the eggs enough or what, but the cake I pulled out of the oven last night was about one-quarter the size of the one in the photo! It looked like a flat, burnt pancake. Although still quite yummy. We had a good laugh over that, and I am now going to make a butterscotch bundt cake for the party. I guess I need more practice with mousse!

3. Exciting things are happening in my little corner of the world...basically I called up the director of family life in my archdiocese (whom I know) and asked whether there are any infertility ministries. There aren't (which I think is pretty typical? I haven't heard of a lot of diocese-based infertility/miscarriage ministries, period). Anyway, I suggested to the director the idea of holding a mass for those struggling with infertility and/or miscarriage. He loves the idea! As in, he really wants it to happen. I can't express how happy this makes me - I don't think I've felt this happy or excited about something for a while. If you could, please say a prayer that the mass gets off the ground. There are other ideas too - maybe for a speaker, a support group, a prayer chain, etc. It's all very tentative, but really really exciting.

Only 3 today - lots to do! Have a good weekend!



  1. Love Mr. M's photo and caption!

    I've never tried mousse, but I'm sure your ended better than mine!

    Love that you reached out to your family life director - are you in Arlington or DC? If DC - he is awesome! If there is anything I can do to help, let me know...I'm working on a retreat right now - I'm emailing you the brochure as soon as I finish this.

    1. Thanks Rebecca! And I'm in DC :)

  2. I love your director's enthusiasm! That is what it takes ... getting someone that is just as excited on board. :-) Saying a prayer that it happens soon - and yearly!

    1. Thank you! I know it's so great to connect with someone who "gets it" - and can make something happen! I appreciate your prayers :)