Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The difference between me and my husband

When our friends called last week to ask us to be godparents to their daughter, the husband spoke with Mr. M first. I hear from the other room: “Oh, wow! Thanks! Wait – did you already tell us you were pregnant?!?”

They did. Over two months ago. I remember because Mr. M was the one who broke the news to me.

Guess who didn’t forget?

Oh, what I wouldn’t give some days to have the compartmental/selective brain of my husband! And I could just select “off” on the compartment that is constantly reminding me who is pregnant, when they’re due, and so on. I have a pretty photographic memory when it comes to such details. Plus I seem to have fairly accurate "pregdar" (as I've heard it referred to) and often make very good guesses as to who in my life is pregnant. Plus when my husband tells me, "Just don't think about IF for a while!" he really means it - because he can just switch that button off. I try, but usually fail.
Oh, to have a man's brain for just a day :)


  1. Haha! Wouldn't that be great, though, to be able to just turn it off? I'm the same way... I remember every little detail. C is constantly not-knowing who is pregnant, when they're due, what gender the baby is, etc. Yesterday a friend of ours had her baby, I read her post on Facebook and made a nice comment. When C got home he said "Oh, by the way, did you hear L had the baby?" I said "Yes, at 4:09am, her name is such-and-such, she weighed 9 lbs 2 oz." He said "How do you know that?"... well, I read the same Facebook post he did...

  2. Life would be a lot less emotional wouldn't it!?