Monday, June 2, 2014

Little Happies: vacation recap

We were on vacation last week, hence the lack of posting! (Besides the scheduled posts that Mr. M wrote.)

Going on vacation is a BIG happy, but I thought I'd share some little happies from our trip to the Midwest!


We were blessed to encounter several beautiful churches on our trip. (I know, such a Catholic nerd thing to be excited about!) 

Cathedral of St. Cecilia, Omaha
Inside St. Cecilia's. We light a candle for our goddaughter, whose middle name is Cecilia.
Holy Family Chapel, between Omaha and Lincoln. 

Honestly, we thought this chapel was a barn when we saw it from a distance. But it turned out to be really beautiful and really symbolic! The little stream led from the visitors' center (designed as a tomb) to the chapel, symbolizing baptism, which brings us from death to life. And the wood of the chapel is meant to symbolize wheat in the field, which is meaningful both for Nebraska and of course for the Eucharist. 

Etched glass of the Holy Family behind the altar
We had an interesting discussion about church architecture and decided that even though the chapel looked "modern" (i.e. it was made out of non-traditional building materials, especially all the glass) it was very classic because everything had meaning, right down to the light fixtures that symbolized Christ outstretched on the cross! As opposed to a "modern" church where all the meaning has been drained out and there's very little symbolism or beauty.

Okay, off my soap box =)

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Kansas City

saints we saw

Continuing the Catholic nerd's always nice to see friends while you're traveling!

St. Ann, in the Omaha Cathedral

St. Cecilia - I bet you didn't know she played folk guitar! Also in Omaha.
St. Gerard, in Kansas City. I said a prayer for everyone hoping for a baby + expectant moms!

beautiful flowers

Another thing we enjoy seeing while travelling.

Irises in a memorial garden near Lincoln
Rose from a rose garden in Kansas City

Such a delight to stroll around here!

So many varieties

Yes, we did stop to smell the roses =)

our bed & breakfast

I love staying at bed & breakfasts! This is a once-a-year treat for us and we take full advantage of it! We stayed at this lovely Victorian inn in Kansas City:

out of a dream...
I was amused that our room had a nautical theme, seeing how we were in the smack dab middle of the country...!

The dots on the walls are actually all sea shells

This is where the sherry was kept, which we enjoyed heartily 

There were wine and hor d'ourves in the afternoon:

...and a fresh-baked cookie at night! It crossed my mind whether anyone has ever tried to live forever at a bed & breakfast. The thought is very tempting...!

Our own little patio


We joked during the trip that all we ever did was eat!! A pretty perfect way to spend a vacation, I think =)

French toast stuffed with swiss cheese and ham

BBQ meat + baked beans + cheesy corn
Frittata with feta and goodness

Pork BBQ sandwich and fries. Classic.

I also had a strawberry ale that tasted like an alcoholic strawberry smoothie - amazing.

Oh, and ice cream on several occasions.

Good thing we walked so much too!!

fountains & statutes

Apparently Kansas City has the second most fountains in the world after Rome! Who knew?! There were a lot of statues too, mostly sweet or quirky. Penguins, mermaids, warthogs, etc. 

Diana in the parking garage

Italian dude and his monkey

Neptune coming atcha!

And our personal favorite...

Little boy being happily squirted on by a frog (?)


Of course there were so many other happies on our trip that are not as possible to photograph! Time away, time with Mr. M, time with friends at the wedding we attended in Lincoln, time to sleep in and read a book and swing on the porch swing and wander around without worrying about what time it was and basking in the sunshine and enjoying not being at work. Et cetera.

Happiness was had by all =)



  1. Looks like a great time and you took in some awesome scenery! Love the majestic. Vacations are so needed and it is so nice to not worry about the time or what needs to be done next. I could tell you enjoyed yours! What a blessing.

  2. Sounds like a relaxing and wonderful trip! And the pictures are beautiful!!

  3. I love this post so much! Those churches!! And those flowers! And all that food! And that bed and breakfast. This trip was fantastic! I almost feel like I was there with you just looking at all your pictures. :) When we travel, we prefer to stay in anything other than a hotel, so I totally love that you guys stayed in a B&B. There's just so much charm! So happy you had a lovely getaway!

  4. What beautiful happies! I love a good bed and bfast too, they are so cozy and warm :) So glad you had a great vacation!

  5. I'm glad we're not the only couple that loves to visit churches while on vacation. those flowers are beautiful! that bed and breakfast looks so fun, how long did you stay? it makes me interested in visiting Kansas City. amen to eating yummy food while on vacation! Glad u had a nice trip.

  6. I think I have learned a lot from you about how to relax on vacation, sometimes our vacations get too busy.

  7. That looks like a great trip! I think I've seen the Holy Family Chapel before, but I had no idea what it was or that it was a Catholic chapel.

  8. We visit churches too :) My little sister is moving to Omaha for grad school-if I ever make it out to visit her we'll have to see the Cathedral.

    Also--I've never stayed at a bed and breakfast, but I would so love to! Seems so nice :)

  9. I loved all the photos! I used to call Kansas City home, and now Omaha is home, so I recognized a lot! Glad it was a good trip.

  10. these pictures are great! thanks for sharing them