Saturday, June 14, 2014

moving + pre-op

Lots has been happening in our little world!

Most exciting - and unexpected - is that we're moving!

If you recall the backstory, our current apartment, which we love, is not suitable for adoption because there are no windows in the two bedrooms. Finding that out was a big bummer, to say the least. Plus our housing market (DC) is so, sooooo expensive that it's a big challenge to find an apartment that's safe, affordable, and adoption approvable.

So I'm still shaking my head at how this all came together! Trust me: this is the condensed, not-as-convoluted version as what really happened =) the cliff notes: on Mother's Day, friends of ours (couple #1) said that they're looking for another couple to share a house with them starting this summer, because their current housemates were moving out. Our ears perked up and we said maybe we'd be interested.

Well, opening the possibility of moving made us think about other friends who were moving out of their house because of the husband's work. It would be too big (too expensive) for us on our own, but what if couple #1 would agree to move into this new place with us? (the advantage being that house #2 was more suitable for two couples - it has separate wings so more privacy)

Long story short: couple #1 decided to stay where they're at, but connected us with friends of theirs (who we also know), couple #2, who were looking for a new place to live, and after much deliberation on all our parts (read: many phone calls, prayers, asking others for advice, more prayers) couple #2 said they're interested - hooray!

(I should note that I checked with the adoption agency I'd been in contact with and that said that it's completely doable to do a home study while sharing a home with unrelated adults; the adults would have to get a background check and physical, which we of course cleared with our friends.)

Conclusion: we're moving at the beginning of August into our friend's house, with couple #2 and their dog. The location is great (closer to work, close to our parish), the rent is affordable, and most importantly there are windows in the bedrooms!

It will be a different experience, for sure! Both Mr. M and I spent years living in community houses before we got married, but we've never shared a home with other people as a married couple. I'm sure there will be ups and downs like anything in life, and we've already spent a good amount of time discussing expectations and needs with our new housemates. We're also really sad to leave our current apartment! And moving...not the most fun thing in the world. But honestly, my overriding emotions are joy and gratitude. We're not going to start an adoption process right away - we want to give some time after my surgery to see if it "worked" - but just to be in a place where it would be possible to adopt....! That is going to be huge, psychologically. So huge that I'm ready to drag our belongings down the road to our new place by my fingernails if necessary! =)

The other "happening" is that I'm getting ready for my surgery on June 20. I had my pre-op appointment with my family doctor, in which she offered a referral to a fertility clinic after my surgery and I said thanks but no thanks, I'm happy with napro, which she had never heard of before (!! I guess I shouldn't be surprised but still am? !!) and anyway, all my vitals and whatever checked out so I guess I'm approved for the big day!

Mr. M is taking very seriously his job of taking care of me post-surgery, and I love him so much for it!! Also, a few of our friends will be bringing meals to us, which makes me really happy, not the least because (maybe it's silly) getting meals brought to you has been the exclusive domain of women who have babies, but now I get to experience it too! The point is, I feel loved.

So that's that. After the surgery and recovery, time to move. Yay!



  1. Good luck on your surgery. The best advice I got before my surgery was to raise your feet above your heart (like prop them up on pillows) to relieve gas pain. God bless!

  2. Praying for you as you get ready for your surgery! Yay on the moving!

  3. Hooray for bedroom windows! How exciting--I hope the new house/other couple works out well!

    Praying your surgery goes well, too.

  4. I have a friend recently who had to build a fake wall in her rented apartment living room to cordon off an area "appropriate enough to be a bedroom" for the adoption she was working through. It basically turned the back door into the "window". Sigh. After hearing what she went through, I have a lot of sympathy for the process of getting your home approved.

    Good luck with the move and with the surgery. My DH and I will keep you in our prayers for both situations.

    Also, thank you for bringing up the connection of meals and babies. I've been thinking that for a while and you really articulated my own thoughts better than I've been able to...

  5. Good luck! That is exciting!

  6. Very exciting! Praying for you with both the move and the surgery!

  7. How Exciting! Can't wait to hear how this will all turn out!

  8. Sounds like God had a hand in orchestrating that move. Hope the logistics work out well, moving is such a big job. We'll be praying for your surger as it comes closer!!!

  9. Prayers for the move AND the surgery...two big big steps, but definitely steps in the right direction!!! Very exciting news!!! :) I will be sending ::virtual meals:: your way for sure :)

  10. Congrats on the move!!! So very excited for you guys! You're so right in saying that even though adoption might not happen too soon, it still lifts your spirits to know it's possible now! :)

    Prayers for the move and especially the surgery. I'll be thinking of you on Friday and looking forward to hearing how it goes.

  11. Prayers to you and yours for all you wish for.

    God bless.

  12. I'm so happy for you that you're moving (to a place with windows in the bedrooms)!! It sounds great. I hope sharing the house goes well. Prayers that surgery goes well!! -polkadot