Thursday, May 9, 2013

Simple, small acts of kindness

They mean so much: those little gestures of kindness and thoughtfulness from people, who may not even realize that their words or actions meant a lot.

Two examples from today:

1. At a breakfast meeting, talking with a stranger, she asks the usual: "Do you have kids?" (Actually, she asked whether our kids went to a particular school.) To which I replied, "No, not yet," my usual answer. And she just said "okay" and then changed the subject to something we could both talk about. So small - but so meaningful! I was exceedingly grateful, plus relieved that my childlessness didn't become an issue and that I didn't receive advice.

2. Talking with a co-worker about mother's day, and he mentions that he thinks it's important to remember adoptive moms and women who struggle to conceive on mother's day. I could have hugged him (except that would have been wierd). He's a new dad, and somewhat of a newlywed still, so he wasn't speaking from a place of personal experience. Maybe he has a friend or family member who's struggling? I just thought that was so thoughtful, especially coming from a guy. (No offense meant to our wonderful husbands! It just seems women are more intuitive about this sort of thing.)

Thank you God, for simple acts of kindness. I hope I can do the same for someone!



  1. Kudos to your male co-worker. I could have hugged him too!

  2. Yay for kindness! It's so nice when it is unexpected too :). I do always wonder when someone "gets it right" if they've had IF or been close to someone who has. Whatever the reason, I'm always grateful for the kindness!