Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Little Happies #5

Little Happies (by Mrs. Eccefiat and Mr. M who in real life share the same last name):

1.) Visit from Rebecca and her DH this weekend!!!
2.) Cherry Blossoms (and photobombing other people's pics no j/j)
3.) Cupcakes
4.) Good music - especially and currently the song Stubborn Love by the Lumineers; the video is so striking and healing for anyone who has gone through the tragedy of divorce like my DH
5.) Grilling steaks for the first time this Spring!!!
6.) Special surprise snacks, like pirolouttes and mango fruit strips, from my DH.
7.) Beautiful weather.
8.) The cool side of the pillow.
9.) Holy Week
10.) Following everyone else's lead: 1,051 days of beautiful marriage! We have grown so much in love!!!


  1. Gosh...I wonder how many days my dh and I will be married...we are coming up on 12 years. I love beautiful weather too...hopefully some will be coming my way soon.

  2. Love that you wrote this together! My favorites are your special visit with Rebecca & her DH and the cool side of the pillow! Happy 1,051 days!!

  3. The cool side of the pillow...love it and makes me smile. :) happy 1051 days of marriage.