Monday, April 28, 2014

Little Happies #6

This Little Happies is dedicated to Stephanie to try and cheer her up =)


Divine Mercy Sunday!

We are so blessed to live near this beautiful church, where we went to mass on Sunday:

The mass was so beautiful. It started with a chanted Divine Mercy Chaplet and the celebrant/homilist was the papal preacher - how cool is that?!? And of course we asked for the prayers of SAINT John Paul II!!!!

Afterwards we walked with friends to a new pizza place and ate dinner outside in the sun. Perfect end to a beautiful day =)


Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Our friends threw a murder mystery party on Saturday and it was FUN! The best party we've been to in a long time. Everyone was a different character, and the theme was circus. Throughout the evening you had to talk with the different characters, collect clues, and try to figure out the murderer.

The food was great too: unhealthy circus food (corn dogs, popcorn, bagel bites [?], wings, and other fried things.)

Mr. M was a tattoo artist. These are his intimidating tattoos, applied by me:

I picked these out at Target. It was either turtles or planes...
It turned out to be a lucrative evening too! Mr. M got voted best actor and I was the only one who guessed the murderer (it was the clown, naturally). We each got $20, more than enough for pizza the next night (see #1).


Our garden

Things are starting to grow!

cozy little garden plot, barricaded against grass and our upstairs neighbors' kids

baby kale!

baby lettuce!
In addition to the above, I'm also growing red beets, swiss chard, spinach, arugula, spring onions, and parsley.

I thinned the arugula and lettuce on Saturday and thankfully remembered that I can eat the little shoots!

great for salads!

Mr. M would like to salute his foam roll again, this time with a picture:

He uses this for neck/back exercises. And his thighs just look big because of the camera angle. They're not that big in real life!

We got a sweet Easter card in the mail from our goddaughter, with her cute little handprints making the picture of a flower =) We're always happy to get little notes from her! (Okay, from her mom, but I'm sure it was her idea!)


  1. I'm thinking I may just grow a small garden again this that I have some time to water and take care of it! I'm thinking a raised garden...hmmmm...cucumbers and peppers do good with the soil and sun I have to work with.

  2. THANK YOU so much for this. These are all great happies and they bring a big smile to my face! I especially love your garden! And the TMNT tattoos! Wonderful. Thank you! :)

  3. There's nothing better than dining outside in great weather! What a wonderful way to celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday! Love the garden! :)

  4. So glad you're doing so many things to enjoy this pretty season :) And love the tattoos...very tough.