Saturday, April 26, 2014

ultrasound series results

I finished my ultrasound series on Easter Monday, for a total of 5 ultrasounds:

  • Monday of Holy Week
  • Holy Thursday
  • Good Friday
  • Holy Saturday
  • Easter Monday

Yes, every day of the Triduum =) Made for a very...unique...Easter!

Between ultrasound #4 and #5 (Holy Saturday a.m. to Easter Monday p.m.) a sizable follicle (I think 2.6 cm?) pretty much disappeared, so it appears that I ovulated. I'm very relieved about that! I wasn't overly surprised because my cycles are a normal 28-day-ish length, and this cycle all my chartable signs made perfect sense with my ultrasounds, but it's still nice confirmation to have. (Although it does make me wonder, I'm husband checked out hormones are normal...what is the deal with not getting pregnant for almost 3 years??)

During the series, I prayed a LOT for those of you that are dealing with LUFs or other anovulatory issues - my heart was hurting for you, thinking of how devastating it must be to not get the "all clear" at the end of a series.

And yes, we did "use" the unusually specific knowledge we had of ovulation this cycle! As usual, I'm trying not to get my hopes up, trying not to analyze every little twinge and "symptom," and trying to be at peace about whatever happens this time around. We did our part, anyway!

Next up in medical steps: laparoscopic surgery, June 20. Until then, I'm off the hook medically, which is a huge relief and a very needed "breather"!

Happy weekend to all!


  1. Congrats on the great ultrasound series results!! Big step!

  2. That is great news, EF!

  3. Yay for good results! I know it can be frustrating because if everything looks good on paper and ultrasound but there is still no baby it leaves room for more unanswered questions. It is so nice to know you are ovulating though! Praying for you especially during this 2ww.

  4. Wonderful news!!! Where will you have surgery in June? Praying for you during this 2WW. <3

    1. Thanks! The surgery will be at St. Agnes hospital in Baltimore, done by my napro doctor.

  5. Great news! Praying for you during your 2ww!

  6. That must have been an unusual Tridium! Glad you got positive results!

  7. That does make things interesting for Easter! I'm glad it looked good; but I hope you have answers (or much better yet, a baby) soon!!

  8. What a Holy Week indeed! Hooray for ovulation! :-)

  9. I am praying for you! I had a similar experience in December, I am praying so hard your final "results" are different!

    Love you!

  10. GREAT news!!!! Prayers during this TWW, that you're able to enjoy some peace and calm!!!

  11. So glad that you had positive results from your ultrasound series!

    It is so frustrating to not be able to identify problems, though. Prayers that you will not need that surgery after all.

  12. Wonderful news! So happy you had great results. I'll definitely be praying for you during surgery time. In some ways, I hope they find something so you don't have to worry about what's wrong anymore. But I also hope they don't find anything and that your insides are perfect. Weird conflicting wishes for you!