Monday, March 17, 2014

little happies #3

Excited to join with Stephanie again!


Is it just a coincidence that this is my third snow day on a Monday? And that all this snow day goodness started with Stephanie started her little happies link-up...I think not! Happy #1 is another snow day, in March! hooray!


Green pancakes for St. Patrick's day! Courtesy of the snow day. I tried to get them "kelly green" but they ended up more like sea foam / teal. Oh well. I'm not Irish at all but my husband is one-quarter (a strong and cherished quarter) so I was happy to celebrate the Saint and our collective heritage!

[will add picture later if I get around to it...just think of pancakes that are green]


Good books to read on a snow day! I am loving this author right now, and this book:

I read a book by him recently all about the summer of 1927. It was way interesting - seriously! (Charles Lindbergh, Babe Ruth, anarchist bombings...I learned a lot!) "At Home" has been so interesting too. He takes you room by room in a house and talks about the history of the room and stuff associated with it. So in the kitchen, he talks about the history of food preservation and refridgeration. In the scullery (that's where they washed the dishes) he talks about servitude in England in the late 1800's - that also fed my Downton Abbey obsession! And so on.


My husband's return! He was on a retreat this weekend (which was very fruitful, btw) but I missed him! The apt felt odd without him, and although I enjoyed some "me" time and some girl time, I was pleased as punch when he got back. I don't know how married couples do long separations.


Anticipation. We're currently planning our summer vacation to, of all places, Nebraska. (Sorry if I offended any Nebraskans! =)) To be honest, it's not our top choice for vacation, but a good friend of mine from college is getting married over Memorial Day and I'm so grateful that Mr. M agreed to make it into our vacation. I love the anticipation of planning a getaway. I'm especially excited about the bed and breakfast we're staying in for two nights, which is one of those gorgeous Victorian houses with quaint furniture and a romantic feel and of course super yummy breakfasts. Can't wait!

Off to enjoy my snow day - maybe my last?



  1. That book sounds so interesting. Enjoy your snow day! I will try and enjoy this almost 90 degree weather we are having.

  2. The book sounds really interesting.

    We had a string of Tuesday snow days this winter--it was odd, because it was exactly every other Tuesday (I know this because our swimming day at school is every other Tuesday... we missed 3 in a row, and then the next two were on delay days!)

    Glad your husband had a great retreat!

  3. Omaha! I grew up there and all my family is still there so it's a place we visit often. It's certainly not people's #1 vacation spot but trust me, there are LOTS of great things to do and see. Especially in late May! As you draw closer, feel free to reach out and I would be happy to give you some neat places to visit, eat, and relax! :)

  4. I live in Omaha; don't worry, you'll have a good time :)

  5. Thanks, Amanda and Arliss - that's good to hear! Sorry to knock Nebraska. I was there as a kid on a cross-country road trip with my family, and I all I remember is passing the Platte River over and over and over and over again, and one very very hot gas station in what really did seem like the middle of nowhere. But I'm ready for Nebraska to surprise me with its awesomeness!

  6. Thanks for the book recommendation! I always appreciate a great read. :)

    I think the snow will be gone by Wednesday... which made shoveling this morning seem silly, but oh well. At least we'll be able to get out tomorrow. :)

  7. Another snow day!! Boo for snow, but YAY for a day off. :) That book!! My MIL bought it for all 3 of her children this past Christmas. How funny! John hasn't read it yet, but I think I may encourage him now, especially with your great recommendation. I'm completely with you -- I don't know how married couples or any couples do long distance relationships. It would just break my heart! I hope you have a fantastic time in Nebraska! I've never been, but happy to read others say it's nice. Just getting away is fantastic. And that B&B sounds glorious. Can't wait to hear all it once you get back from it.

    1. PS - Thanks for joining in again!! :) I always love reading your happies. I love reading all happies!

  8. Jealous of your snow day! I'm glad you got a chance to have a day off and enjoy some green pancakes. Even if Nebraska wouldn't be your first choice for a vacation, I'm sure there will be some good stuff there. I've been to the Henry Doorly Zoo a few times and it is absolutely fantastic if you like zoos.

  9. Glad you got to enjoy another snow day. My company has an office by you, and they were closed today too! I'm sure you guys will have fun wherever you go. I think that's one of the blessings of married life, making little things fun, be it running errands, making dinner, or going to Nebraska. Plus the B&B sounds cuuuute, hope to see pics!

  10. Visit us anytime :) but our NE friends are really in love with their state...