Saturday, March 15, 2014

making progress

I've been a slacker blogger lately! Life has been more than usually busy:

1) we bought a (used) gas-efficient car to replace our current gas-guzzler, found out soon after that we weren't sold what we were promised, spent LOTS of time (mostly Mr. M, bless him!) arguing with the car dealership about how they weren't honest with us, blah blah blah it was such a stressor and total waste of time. In the end it was somewhat resolved, but wow, made us never want to buy from a dealership again! (Our previous purchases were from craigslist or family.)

2) we went to our nephew's state wrestling championship last weekend, which was near where my parents live so it was a fun, full time of family and cheering on our nephew, also watching more wrestling than ever in our lives! He got 7th place in his weight bracket which was respectable for his first time at states, and being the only wrestler from his school! Only downside of the weekend was AF's arrival and not being able to mope on the couch with a heating pad. Oh well.

And since a lot of my job involves staring at a computer, usually the last thing I want to do when I get home is stare at a computer, especially when I just checked out 5 good books from the library or Mr. M is asking me to play dominion or I want to work on a sewing project, and so on!

But I did want to share that we are making some progress in the medical side of things, which I'm very happy about! I was able to have all my records transferred to my new doctor without hassle, and the only thing that was missing was my Day 3 labs (weird) which I don't mind doing over.

We also passed a test last cycle that allows us to move on to other tests, so at my next appt (hopefully during this current cycle), we'll talk about doing an ultrasound ovulation series or a surgery, or both. This is great timing because I have a good bit of travelling coming up in the summer and it will feel so good if we can get some of these more time-consuming steps on the calendar.

So...that's about it! Still on the slow track toward motherhood (if that in fact is my final destination, which I hope it is!) but pleased to not be completely stalled.



  1. I am glad you are making some progress. We were very slow moving with our NaPro treatment especially when there was talk of surgery. Sorry AF came :( doesn't it seem to come at the most inconvenient times?!

  2. I didn't realize you were switching docs, sounds like A good thing!!! Glad the car situation worked out in the end, hate hate hate car buying. We have been casually looking, but dealers scare me. We have always done private party before, but now we live away from family and don't have my dad's help so I'm nervous.

    1. Our experience was: don't do a dealer! We had a good experience with craiglist - the person was up front about everything (had service records, could explain dents/scratches) and it was easier to work with just one person than several at the dealership. But it's such a headache - good luck!

  3. I would think there are good and bad experiences with car buying, no matter who you go through. Still, I'm sorry that it has been such a hassle for you recently. I'm glad to hear things are going well (if slowly) otherwise!

  4. Very pleased you're not completely stalled. :) And thrilled you were able to get that test done. Yay for progress!

    Now on a frustrated note. UGH. Car dealerships. So sorry you had issues! We had to buy two cars within a year and I dreadddedddd going to the dealerships. So I can only imagine your frustration. So sorry!! Glad to hear it's worked itself out.

    Go nephew! And go you for making it through CD1 outside of your comfort zone!