Tuesday, March 4, 2014

little happies {two}

So glad to join in Stephanie's new link up, albeit a day late...!

{happy #1}

This Scripture verse, from yesterday's morning prayer in Magnificat, makes me happy. Actually I think it makes a great "motto" for the little happies link-up...! It spoke to my heart when I read it.

They are happy, whose strength is in you,
in whose hearts are the road to Zion.
As they go through the Bitter Valley
they make it a place of springs,
the autumn rain covers it with blessings.
- Psalm 84


{happy #2}

Good smelling soaps!

Vetiver & Juniperberry Triple Milled Soap
 Mr. M and I did some retail therapy after a particularly stressful day last week. Okay, it was just me buying things...and I know retail therapy is a bad idea for the budget! But to my credit, all I bought were two luscious-smelling soaps - on sale! - from Crabtree & Evelyn. Totally a worthwhile splurge! (Backstory: last year, we bought a huge quantity of Irish Spring soap that was on sale. Huge as in eternal - this soap supply is never-ending! We've both been using it, and honestly I was just getting a little sick of smelling kind of like a man...! Hence the soap splurge =))

{happy #3}

We have eight nieces and nephews (big happy!) and the oldest, who is a junior in high school, just made it to the state wrestling tournament. Woo hoo!!! It's this upcoming weekend so please say a prayer for him! He's getting some interest from colleges - even D1 - and he could really, really use a sport scholarship. We're so proud of him already. He even fought through a broken knuckle - ouch! - to make it to States!

{happy #4}

Sewing this:

It's a bib for our goddaughter, so she can eat in style! It's reversible too:

I still have to add the buttonhole and sew on the button. (Never made a buttonhole before...) and then I'll mail it to her. Related happy: having a baby to sew for, even if she's not "mine" (but godchildren come pretty close, I think!)

{happy #5}

our fig tree:

This beauty is in our living room, where it delights us with its greenery and figs and fills our home with oxygen =) It's a direct cutting from Mr. M's Italian grandfather (who I wrote about here) and we're amazed that it's growing in the dead of winter! Well, maybe not that amazed...it is in the direct aim of the heating vent...mmmm, hopefully we'll have ripe figs before the month is out!

{happy #6}

simply this: meeting our financial goals the last two months, yay for us! We're really trying to be good about saving money and living simply, especially in these pre-child days (hopeful thinking...) So, notwithstanding happy #2 above, we've been trying to limit unnecessary travel, eating out, buying stuff we really don't need, etc., and it's been very gratifying to see our savings account grow little by little! For both of us, we feel like this is the most concrete thing we can do right now toward growing our family, so it makes us feel like we're not "just" waiting. Plus if we end up conceiving, then we'll have the cash to go on a fantastic babymoon cruise! Ha ha, just kidding...maybe =)

Thanks, Stephanie, for hosting such a lovely event!!

+Ecce Fiat+


  1. Great list! I love your fig tree and that part of Ps 84 is absolutely beautiful! And, yeah, I'd get tired of good ol' Irish Springs after a while, too. :)

  2. Love the Soap Story, cuz that totally happens in our house & my husband doesn't understand why one would not want to smell like Irish Spring everyday.

  3. That soap story...it's so true! And that fig tree is gorgeous!!

  4. Love the scripture verse! It is a great little happies 'motto.' I'm impressed with your sewing! I'd love to be able to make cute things like that!

    1. It was actually a lot harder than I thought a bib should be! I've never cut from a pattern, sewed a curve, or attached bias tape (the dark pink trim around the edges) or rick-rack (the flower decorations on the light pink side) so I kind of just muddled through. It's not like the baby is going to notice =) Anyway, I said that to encourage you to give sewing a try!

  5. I love your list! :-)

  6. That scripture verse is perfect!!! Do you mind if I borrow it for my next LH post?

    Loving everything about this!! That fig tree looks awesome! I hope you get to use those figs in some delicious recipes. Maybe you can post about it if you do? Also, that bib!! You are so talented. Love that it's reversible. As for the soap, well, awesome smelling things are just always little happies. Great that you got a nice break from the man soap. And it really does feel good to stick to a budget and see the fruits of that hard work! Good for you guys. :) Hope you get to use the money on the cruise. ;)

    1. Yes for sure use the Scripture verse! I thought that was perfect timing, being in morning prayer on the official start day of LH =)

      We'll probably just eat all the figs straight off the tree, ha! One day when we have lots more, I want to make fig jam.

  7. Lovely post ....those soaps sound lovely!! Cute bib! Yay for successful financial month. We just started using a new budget app, so im excited. I think it will be a big help.

  8. I love the bib, so stinking cute! I am always on the look out for cute bibs, if you decide to start selling them, please let me know. And yeah for the financial goals! We are on a spending freeze during Lent and working on building back up our savings.

    1. Thank you - I treasure the compliment! =) I don't think they're sale-worthy yet, and at the rate I sew, I'd probably have one ready every six months, ha! But you can be my first customer =)