Monday, March 31, 2014

hubby happies

Mr. M decided to write his own  Little Happies today!
  1. Lego shelfie on my Gmail
  2. What does the Fox Say?
  3. Getting my back cracked by a PT and every other patient saying “OOOOOOOOh” but lovin' every second of it.
  4. Warm days and warm underwear together on the same day (In D.C. you know what I'm talking about as the weather fluctuates pretty frequently)
  5. Rooms without a roof (I have never seen one but I have heard they are happy so they make me happy thinking about that – huh does imaginings count as little happies???)
  6. Minions and pretending to have minions of my own. “Hey any of you like to write my dissertation?” “Mmakamakamooo” (Yes!! Yes!! - From Minion)
  7. Random goofiness as tonic for the soul
  8. Funny ranks on April pools day
  9. Laughing as I type these up.
  10. Holding hot coffee to soothe aching hands after typing for too long
  11. Portable bacon attachments for my car and stupid car insurance ads
  12. Baby dust and the random woman or man who said “Good luck!” with a smiley face on a letter they gave with my wife's vitamins for CM
  13. Snowmen named Olaf and Pet Reindeer
  14. Being Sanguine and never wanting to stop this list. Okay one more because you have read this far . . .
  15. Large Foam Rolls (for stretching out your back and other incredibly stupid things like playing baseball with random objects not designed for baseball so . . . much . . . fun)
  16. Bouncy Ball Pits . . . for . . . bedrooms :-) No joke google it. . . it is the latest sleeping fad. Move over sleep number, here comes sleep balls.
Until next time,

Sanguine Hubster


  1. Hi Ecce!
    You have been chosen as the blogger of the month for April (NOT an April Fool's, hehe!) Congrats! Could you email me at when you have a moment, so I can give you some more info?
    Looking forward to showering you in prayer this month! God bless!


  2. haha love this list! Great idea to get your husband involved! I would like to know more about these 'portable bacon attachments' he speaks of.

    1. That was from a commercial for some kind of insurance that we saw while watching basketball last weekend. It was a spoof: "PortaBacon" that you could use to make bacon in your car, at your desk, etc. We thought it was funny =)

  3. My hubby is all about the bacon too. Thanks for posting. good luck on your dissertation!

  4. Hahahahahaha! This list is too funny!! So happy to have the husbands joining in! You can link this one up too if you'd like. Two Little Happies posts from ecce fiat in one week is AWESOME!