Monday, March 31, 2014

little happies #4



If these look suspiciously like the daffodils Mary Beth listed as her 1st happy, that's because we both bought them at Trader Joe's. I just couldn't resist their cheerfulness and spring smell! They brighten up our kitchen and I may or may not carry them into the living room with me too.


Good books

I hope it's okay to list the same little happy twice in a row! At least it's a different book. This one's about time travel back to the Middle Ages and how the main character may or may not be stuck there just as the Black Death is starting to happen because the characters in the present (future, really) are coming down with a mysterious flu virus. Dun dun dun. Definitely a page turner. Definitely stayed up too late last night reading!


Good laughs

So at my most recent doctor's appointment, I was told to begin B6 500 mg sustained release + something called "FertileCM" to increase you know what. Well, the Fertile CM arrived today, and along with it in the box was this:

Don't know what that is? It's baby dust. I kid you not!!! The little "poem" on the baggie says: "This baby dust is Special and is being sent to you hoping it will help your fondest dreams come true."

Whaaaaat?!?! I sincerely hope that 1) that isn't why FertileCM costs $20 for a month's supply and 2) please please please let this not be sent with every shipment! What is one supposed to do with baby dust? Sprinkle it on the bed? Throw it up in the air and dance around? Take one star or crescent moon with each vitamin? No instructions were included...

You just have to laugh.


New plants

This might look like a bunch of pots with dirt in them...which it is. But there's also seeds inside! I planted them on Saturday, in the rain, because it was way too wet to dig up the ground. Parsley, spring onions, arugula, lettuce, and spinach. I'm considering this a test of what grows well in pots.


Pretty teakettles

This is on the wish list! I think it's so charming. Guess how much....$100 big ones, no joke! It's made by MacKenzie Childs, up in the Finger Lake region of New York. On our first anniversary getaway, we happened to stay right down the road from their factory. They make really whimsical stuff: flowers and butterflies and lots of colors. Mr. M and his mom bought me a cake stand from them for Christmas two years ago and ever since then we get their catalog and I drool over their teakettles.


Mr. M!

He's always a little happy in my book =) We spent a lot of time this rainy weekend watching basketball, and I always love how into the game he gets - even if he doesn't care about either team! He just appreciates live sports.

Also he made dinner tonight and went for a walk with me. Double happy.


  1. Those plants will do AWESOME in pots! You probably won't actually have to move them, and will be able to use the space for something else! :)

  2. Hahaha on the baby dust. I think I remember getting that too!! Crazy!!

  3. Love that both you and Mary Beth featured your daffodils! So cute! That book sounds intriguing! Maybe you could use the bags of baby dust as bookmarks. Hahaha. My MIL loves sending ALL cards with confetti in them. Maybe you could put the baby dust in birthday cards and such. Just don't tell people where you got it from. Haha! Or perhaps you should sprinkle it over your newly planted plants to help them grow. Ha!! Sorry, ok, I'm done, promise. Great little happies post! Thanks for joining in again! :D

  4. Those daffodils are really beautiful; no wonder you both put them on the list!

  5. Great minds think alike! ;) your vase is pretty too. That baby dust cracks me up, I never got that with my fertile cm, unless I blocked out the memory. Yay for walks with the honey...we did too!!! Drooling over that tea kettle, thanks for sharing.

  6. Soooooo excited to be praying for you this month through adopt a blogger.

  7. I love your (and Mr. M's) little Happies!
    I can't believe Fertile CM sends the "baby dust" - thank goodness they didn't send it to me when I ordered or I would have given them quite a phone call!
    Praying for you this month!!